Ways to Make a WordPress Site Live

Tue Apr 4, BinaryMetrix

Well, if you are planning to make your WordPress Site live, either you can consult a professional WordPress development company or you can also try transferring your site manually. Additionally, you can also consider implementing the export/import feature on WordPress or using a plugin.


Transfer the Site Manually

1. Export the local site’s record: Go to the browser and paste the following in the address bar: phpMyAdmin. Further, you can select the website’s database, and export it. You can then opt for the Quick export method.

2. Generate a fresh MySQL database: Here you are supposed to draft a fresh database for your site from the previous hosting account’s control panel. Go to the database unit and select MySQL Databases. Enter the required credentials of the database and click on “Create”. The database you just formed can be further found on the list. Select Enter phpMyAdmin after the database you have generated.

3. Import the previously exported database to the server: Once you’re inside phpMyAdmin, you are ready to import the data that have been saved earlier. Select Import and Choose File.


With the Export/Import Features 

This is the second method that you can use. To use the import/export features, you need to have a spare WordPress installation on your hosting. Once you get that, use the export feature on the local site and import it to the one you generated on the hosting.

It’s one of the easiest and faster methods to transfer the site while making the WordPress site live. Though, this method is only for transferring posts, pages, menus, comments, categories, authors, and media files. 

Also, while using this transmission method, ensure another WordPress installation doesn’t have content. If it has similar databases from your local site, the transmission procedure won’t overwrite them. In its place, it will show you the error saying the “Post already exists”.


With a Plugin

If you are planning to transfer the local WordPress site to a live server, the best idea is to make a fresh complete clone copy of the website.

Try to use a plugin, Duplicator – it’s one of the best migration tools that help you smoothly create a full copy of your WordPress site and import it to the hosting.

  1. From the WordPress dashboard, Install the Duplicator plugin. 
  2. Design a fresh package. Click on the Duplicator, then select Package and choose to Create New. 
  3. Download the package and the installer.php file with the help of the one-click download option. 
  4. Generate another MySQL database. 
  5. Upload the package and the installer.php file to your hosting. 
  6. Install the database. 
  7. Update your data. 

Test your WordPress Website Creation. That’s all! At this point, your WordPress site is ready to use.

To Conclude,

Now that you know the various ways to make your WordPress site live, you’re free to experiment with the local version. If you are doubtful, it is always recommended to speak to a professional web development company and consult the professionals.


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