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Understanding The Basis Of UI and UX

Mon Jan 30, BinaryMetrix

What is UI?

A user interface (UI) is a process that bridges the gap between humans and machines. (UI) Users can function effectively as machines to complete a task or achieve a precise goal. This goal can be either completing the purchase or downloading an app. You are using UI even right now to read this blog. That’s how integral UI is today! 

User interfaces (UI) are composed of input hardware (tools that regulate the machine from the human side, for instance, a keyboard, mouse, or joystick) and output hardware (tools that regulate the information to users like monitors, audio speakers, or printers). Input devices work together with output devices so users can fully control the machine.

There are many different types of user interfaces-

Command line interface

Graphical User Interface

Voice-based interfaces

The Zero UI is a voice-enabled interface that helps the user’s voice interact with a system. Recent development in the natural language process made designing smart AI-powered systems such as Amazon Alexa feasible.

However, which interface to implement when can be a query until you hire the Best UI/UX company and a team of experienced UI developers.

What is User Experience?

Now we’ve understood the meaning of UI; it’s time to discover what is User Experience (UX). User experience is the experience the human gets after interacting with a product. The term User Experience (UX) was invented by Don Norman in the 90s. User experience (UX) incorporates all features of the end-users interaction with the products.

Since UX designers emphasize creating products that are easy to use and comprehend, the concept of user-centered design takes a vital stage in the UX design process. What are wireframes in UI/UX design? A UX wireframe is a basic representation of digital product information hierarchy, functionalities, and user flows. To get the best representation of the layout of a web page, hire a quality wireframing design service provider.

User persona

UX design starts with leading user research. UX creators focus on their target audience and categorize precisely what they need from the product they’re designing. Once the UX designers get a clear idea about their goal, they create user personas. Personas aid users perceive the goals, desires, and limitations of target users. These understandings help them propose design solutions that work best for their users.

The concept of a user journey

The sentiments users have while interacting with a product, whether negative, unbiased or good-they, have a tremendous impact on how users feel about the product. 

That’s why the concept of user journey became a foundation of user experience design. The user journey, or the route the user follows when interacting with a product, directly influences user experience. UX is focused on the user’s journey to resolve a specific problem. And it’s feasible to improve the journey using a magic ingredient – design.

Well, if you are looking for UI/UX designing solutions or even if you want to revamp your website – look no further. BinaryMetrix is a comprehensive and the Best Web Design Agency. Discuss your goal with us now! 

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