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As a leading custom web application development company, we provide business process improvement, cost reduction, and efficiency web app development services.

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    BinaryMetrix is one of the top-rated web application development company in India. Whether you want to streamline your business processes, reach a mass audience with an online presence, or perform any other kind of task on the web, you can be confident in the expertise of our team of web application developers in India. The BinaryMetrix team focuses on developing client-centric and efficient web solutions, and web apps in India focused on the client.

    Throughout the entire Software development life cycle (SDLC), including the feasibility study, defining requirements, designing the wireframe, and defining the final release, deployment, and support of the application, we guide our clients through each step of the process. With our 360-degree developers at BinaryMetrix, we are a total IT solution provider that can assist our clients with improving their processes. Our web app development services solutions are the most advanced on the market today.

    Our passion is to meet the ever-changing challenges of the IT industry in a way that will last many years. We have become the most preferred custom web application development company in India because we believe in actions as opposed to words, which is why we offer services across the following technologies: PHP, Laravel, Django/Python, ReactJS, AngularJS, NodeJS, Yii, and CodeIgniter.

    Our Enterprise Web Application Development Services

    To develop a website, you need a great idea or design! If you have any concerns about your website, our developers can address them and turn them into an excellent website that will exceed your business requirements and exceed the expectations of your customers.


    Web App Re-Engineering

    Are you interested in redesigning your old-school web app? Our team of experts will spend time working with you to develop a plan to help you figure out whether and how to upgrade your app using vital statistics from tools such as Google Search Console, GT Metrix, SEMRush, etc., to make sure your progressive web app development matches the expectations of your business. 


    Technology Consulting

    Our consulting services assist you in selecting technology, performance optimization, and conversion optimization. Using our expertise, we create a roadmap for achieving success based on a deep understanding of your challenges.


    Web Application Development

    You will develop enterprise web applications that support hundreds of thousands of subscribers and can support multiple roles throughout the organization, such as Facebook and Netflix. From the beginning to the end, we build web applications right from the ground up, taking care of every aspect of the platform along the way.

    Web Application Development Expertise

    1) Web Portals

    Our web eCommerce app development company works with designs and develops various web portals that can be appropriately integrated with all the functionality of your organization as a whole. It is possible to have an internal or external web portal. 

    2) Enterprise Systems

    Unlike mobile applications, enterprise web apps use highly sophisticated APIs that provide security, scalability, and complete data protection. With our developers’ help, we can create a significant enterprise system to put your business on a solid and secure foundation.

    Custom Web Application Development at its best!

    To consolidate their competitive advantage and gain more engagement, businesses are taking advantage of emerging technologies in web app development. Web application developers must focus on curating solutions to differentiate each business from the competition. 

    Using business models, processes, and prototyping, our team fosters the need after analyzing companies’ business models and processes. With our web app development service, we have delivered across different industries, and enterprise systems, website portals, and e-commerce apps are just a few of the services we offer.


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    Web Application Development Process

    Being a renowned ecommerce app development company, BinaryMetrix has always come forward to put result oriented web app development approach in place. Here is top of line development approach we follow is as follows:

    Planning & Discovery

    Our Business Analysts carefully examine your business requirements and processes to ensure your web development project is completed on time and within budget.

    UX/UI Design

    In this phase, we will develop wireframes to show you how the app will look and feel in critical areas. We will implement the best design strategy to ensure a great user experience across various devices, such as mobile and desktop.

    Frontend & Backend Development

    With the help of the best practices and tools for building web software, we'll create an app rich in features, including a database, front, and backend.

    Application Testing

    As part of our testing process, our QA Specialists perform full-cycle testing so that you can rest assured your application performs flawlessly, handles peak loads of data and usage, and provides the desired functionality in the most secure way possible.

    Advantages of Web Application Development for businesses

    Compatibility Across Platforms

    Most web-based applications support far more platforms than installed software, making them a far more useful option for various people. As a rule of thumb, the minimum requirement is a web browser, which can be found in many different versions.

    Easily Manageable

    Development systems only need to be installed on a server to develop Web applications, requiring minimal requirements on the end user's computer. In addition, the maintenance and updating of the system are much simpler since any changes to the client can be uploaded directly through the web server without any issues.

    Easily Deployable

    The advantage of enterprise web applications is that they can be deployed on any platform and used in any work environment, as they are manageable and cross-platform compatible. Consequently, they can be deployed within any work environment. It is an ideal solution when bandwidth is limited, and the system and data are remote from the user.

    Secure Live Data

    There is more data in more extensive and complex systems and separate systems and data sources. By reducing the need for separate systems, web-based systems can often consolidate these systems and processes.

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    What makes BinaryMetrix the best choice for web application development?

    Having worked with startups and enterprises, we are an ideal partner as a leading web development company. We pride ourselves on delivering all types of web application projects on time through a comprehensive team of project managers, developers, and designers. Our web development agency offers the following reasons for hiring us:

    Web Design & UI

    A key part of our business model is the development of gorgeous web app designs, as well as a complete user interface that is clean, responsive, and makes it easier for users to function. This is a key component of how our clients gain and retain customers.

    Expert support you can trust

    It is our pleasure to support you around the clock with the help of our highly qualified and experienced web application developers. You can choose from full-stack, back-end, front-end, or QA analysts, just to name a few of the skills we can provide.

    Saves on costs

    Our web application developers at BinaryMetrix are highly qualified, talented, data-driven, and offer tailored solutions to our clients' business goals. We provide custom web app development services that eliminate additional expenses related to infrastructure, office, salary, and training.

    Agile methodologies

    The main life-cycle model we use during the development of the software at our company is Agile. You can rest assured that BinaryMetrix project managers and team leaders will ensure that all your requirements, goals, and milestones will be met systematically, and subject to your approval.

    The most trusted name in web application development

    Engaging customers through an interactive website is a brilliant way to capture their attention. You will learn how to make the most of its high-quality features that can be accessed anywhere. You can trust BinaryMetrix to assist you in developing a website or a web application based on the goals you have for your company. 

    Due to our impeccable web development services, we offer various reliable frameworks. Whenever a real-time notification is sent to a diverse base of customers, you can trust it. Let us help you get started. Get in touch with us.

    Industries We Serve



    We develop trading platforms, banking software, and credit & loan management systems to assist fintech companies in gaining a competitive edge. web app development services are the best approach for all FinTech companies to provide a best solution for their customers.



    In the medical and pharmaceutical industry, BinaryMetrix provides electronic health records (EHRs), patient management systems (PMSs), patient billing and insurance verification platforms, and telemedicine platforms to help organizations manage their healthcare claims.

    industry 6


    Providing insurance carriers, agencies, and affiliate partners with websites, customer portals, underwriting systems, and claims management systems—BinaryMetrix is committed to helping them engage and digitize their processes.


    Retail & eCommerce

    With the implementation of powerful web software tools like CRM, CMS, ERP platforms, and online stores, we enhance business efficiency and streamline processes for retail and eCommerce organizations.


    Providing you with a Web app development service, BinaryMetrix ensures that the web app is planned properly and adapted to your business needs. Many aspects must be considered when designing the web application, such as the user's needs and specifications.

    A web application typically takes 4-6 months to develop. In addition to the front-end infrastructure of the application, the back-end infrastructure is also included.

    We have been making sure apps are user-friendly and interactive because of the advance in technology, just as we have made sure that responsive web designs are used that can work on all the devices people use, such as tablets, smartphones, and desktops.

    One of our developers or a team lead will provide you with daily updates on your mail and tickets and their statuses. During the meeting, we also answer any questions that may have arisen regarding the development tasks for the following day. Depending on your needs, the company also allows you to set up daily or weekly meetings with the developer or team.

    Over the past decade, we have developed business-oriented, secure, scalable, and reliable apps based on our extensive experience and expertise. Using agile methodologies and a user-centric approach, we've developed custom app solutions to meet business needs.

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