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Building a heartwarming website and a user-friendly visitor interface is not easy. At BinaryMetrix, we deliver our attention to the technical and creative aspects, pushing the boundaries of the creative and technical to ensure they are SEO-savvy and robust.

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    Providing end-to-end Wordpress Web Development Agency in Houston of high quality, reliability, and efficiency

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    We assure you that you can’t go wrong with BinaryMetrix’s WordPress website developer service when creating an interactive and feature-rich business website.

    Having been in the WordPress plugin development business for more than 12 years, we at BinaryMetrix are considered one of India’s most distinguished WordPress development companies. The best thing about working with us is that we offer our clients a one-stop destination with top-notch services of WordPress website design in Houston that is delivered promptly.

    With cutting-edge WordPress technology, BinaryMetrix can deliver path-breaking web solutions using the best WordPress developers. BinaryMetrix is undoubtedly dedicated to providing our clients across the globe with unmatched WordPress development services that make us the go-to company. 

    Our class-apart custom WordPress development services are tailored to meet the unique requirements of all the verticals within the industry as a result of respecting and keeping this endeavor in mind. Our WordPress web development agency in Houston is compatible with various business needs and proactive for business growth.

    Our Services
    Our WordPress Development Services include the following:

    PSD TO WordPress Conversion

    You can count on BinaryMetrix’s skilled WordPress development team to carefully understand your requirements. Then we will convert your PSD files into highly-responsive, W3C-validated, and highly mobile-friendly WordPress themes based on those requirements.


    WordPress Theme Customisation

    Among the many responsive custom WordPress theme and service options we provide, we can customize those themes to meet your preferences, so you can create the website design that fits your business.

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    WordPress Plugin Development

    BinaryMetrix always strives to continually improve its themes to ensure it works as well as possible across a wide range of platforms, even if they exceed the default settings. Using the latest technologies and keeping up with the latest security updates is possible.

    Complete WordPress Solutions…

    WordPress Migration and Maintenance service

    As part of our maintenance and support services, we offer a complete package. Furthermore, we are also professionals at providing WordPress migration services for our clients.

    Custom WordPress Development

    Our company offers a wide range of WordPress website design in Houston and development services that you are guaranteed to be satisfied with, ensuring that you will get pixel-perfect custom web design and development from us!

    Develop a digital presence for your agency

    Invest in WordPress development with BinaryMetrix. As a WordPress design and development company, we provide our clients with highly customized design and development services that are individually focused on the complexities of each user’s web project and deliver highly optimized SEO-driven WordPress solutions within the specified timelines.

    We aim to ensure that our WordPress websites are secure, scalable, and follow clean and clear coding practices. This allows you to delegate your WordPress Development Services seamlessly to a dedicated project manager who will assist you. With our dedicated resources model, you can decide whether to go with a project-based model or hire resources directly to manage your projects independently by hiring resources as needed. Get the best for your website! Hire a WordPress expert to make your ideas come to life smoothly.


    Let’s Create Something Together

    Our Process

    Customer-focused work, backed by in-depth research, is the hallmark of our website design company in Chicago. We work in the following ways:

    Initial Project Requirement

    We at BinaryMetrix believe that the best way to deliver the best WordPress website is by listening to our client's needs, requirements, and goals. This information will give us a clearer picture of your business goals and what you expect from us.


    After we have fully understood the needs of your project, we begin the project's research phase. We will thoroughly analyze your project requirements and determine the most effective execution method.

    Design and Develop

    An SEO-friendly, responsive, bug-free website will be designed and developed by our team of experienced website designers and developers.

    Delivery and Testing

    As a final step, we test the website's design to ensure that it is free of errors and glitches. We will deliver your site to you as soon as we are sure that it is 100% error-free and fully functional, after which we will send it to you within 24 hours.

    Benefits of WordPress Website Development


    When you are looking for a low-cost solution for a project, WordPress is an ideal option. Additionally, it provides a few free themes. There are both free and paid themes available in WordPress. WordPress offers them for download on its official website. There are attractive themes designed to fit a variety of screen sizes.

    WordPress is Easier to Utilize and much more Reasonable.

    There’s one big benefit to WordPress – it’s easy to use and manageable. Those who do not have experience with programming can benefit from some WordPress tutorials to help them implement it like a ‘PRO’. Several WordPress tutorials can assist you in getting started. Once you have mastered the basics, you may move on to the more complex steps.

    SEO Centric

    A WordPress site can be optimized for search engines. WordPress makes creating an online presence in any industry or niche easy. WordPress offers several free SEO plugins that are easy to use. WordPress content optimization is made easier with Yoast SEO.
    Typically, it works in conjunction with SEO strategies that improve the ordering of your website pages.

    Customization is easy with WordPress

    WordPress is the king of CMSs. That may seem strong, but it’s the truth! Customization is easy with WordPress. Many WordPress users are helping each other out in their communities. Third-party plugins and add-ons may be hard to come by when working on another CMS. With WordPress, you have a full-featured toolbox and easy-to-use features.

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    Why Choose Us?

    Our experience in the market makes us a great option for WordPress website development. To satisfy our client's requirements, we have been doing our best.

    Outputs of Performant

    Whenever we develop a website, we ensure it is super-fast, highly optimized, and loads quickly. Throughout the custom WordPress development process, we provide that all best practices are followed to improve the site's overall user engagement and conversion rate.

    Solutions for SEO-Smart Web Design

    Using search engine-optimized heading tags, meta tags, image optimization, alt text, etc., we ensure the site is optimized for search engines. Our techniques allow for smoother execution of our SEO implementation. Doing so can kickstart your marketing efforts without any additional effort.

    Simple, Clean & Functional Websites

    The frameworks we use are intelligent. We use a well-commented coding practice accompanied by universally accepted naming conventions for our coding practices. You would expect that from a reputable website design company in dallas with years of experience.


    Our WordPress website development services are based on industry best practices. We remove all hardcoded gaps and ensure that any unethical customizations have been removed. As a result, we ensure that our websites are easy to operate and maintain.

    Grow your agency's digital presence

    As a WordPress web development agency in Houston, BinaryMetrix provides innovative solutions tailored to each web project’s complexities, delivering highly optimized SEO-friendly WordPress-based solutions within the scheduled timeframes. Developing a secure and scalable WordPress website requires clean and clear coding practices. It provides you with a seamless delegation of WordPress development services to optimize your online presence.

    We have a variety of project-based models available for you to pick from, or you can choose to hire resources independently by utilizing our dedicated resources model to manage your projects.


    Suppose you hire a company that specializes in WordPress Website Development. In that case, you will have access to a vast array of web solutions professionally developed with a user-centric approach and easily scalable. You can benefit from the support of a WordPress website development company both before and after the development of the website.

    The WordPress development team at BinaryMetrix prefers a flexible pricing model that offers fixed and hourly rates. According to your project's needs and execution strategy, you can choose which option to use. Whenever you ask us for a quote for a project, we extensively analyze the project's requirements.

    Not at all. Our team makes sure that the whole process of WordPress web development is kept transparent throughout. Whenever you partner with BinaryMetrix, you won't be surprised by hidden costs while developing a WordPress website.

    We certainly do. In addition to our highly experienced developers, we have an extended team of software engineers who have a wealth of experience in delivering software solutions that are highly appealing and tailored to meet the particular requirements of our clients across a wide range of industries and verticals.

    Yes, of course. In addition to building custom-made WordPress Themes and Plugins, we also design and develop custom-made websites that meet the needs of our customers depending on their budget and business requirements.

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