What Is The Cost To Develop An App & Website Like TaskRabbit?

April 17, 2024

In today's modern time, everyone is so busy in their day-to-day lives that they ask for help to finish their everyday tasks. The active life is the critical reason for Custom Web Development, and BinaryMetrix Technologies are flourishing throughout the globe. With these on-demand apps, you can quickly get on-demand services.

The TaskRabbit-like App provides services such as cleaning, grooming, laundry, pest control, appliances, home maintenance and repair, yard work, construction, installation, and extra.
Please continue reading to look into its model and features associated with it while providing you with the answer to how much it costs to make an app and website like TaskRabbit.

Overview Of On-Demand Apps Like Taskbar

You should know that these on-demand apps act as a connecting point between customers and different businesses. Moreover, you get multiple features on other apps that may help you get some services.

Moreover, when talking about on-demand apps like TaskRabbit, you must know that these apps are a two-sided marketplace. Busy people (Task posters) get their work done with the help of people and businesses (Taskers) who want to provide support. Therefore, you can say that it acts as a bridge between Task posters and Taskers.

Furthermore, the user shows interest in the App, but entrepreneurs are also into the App for a high-income business. Also, you should know that US customers are spending approximately $57.6 billion on apps like TaskRabbit. Moreover, almost 60% of the users can happily pay extra to get the task done at their place at the same time.

Cost To Develop An App & Website Like TaskRabbit

The development cost automatically rises when the on-demand App uses app development systems like iOS App Development or Android App Development. Therefore, making an App like TaskRabbit will cost you more than the App built on a cross-platform system such as React Native App Development system or Flutter.

Also, you should know that repairing the design affects the development cost when you complete the Design System and UX testing process. Also, the addition of design elements increases or decreases the cost of on-demand home services app development.

Furthermore, when you have thorough and revolutionary layouts, the higher will be the Development Cost of Apps like TaskRabbit. Moreover, the team structure is another aspect that will determine the cost to develop apps like TaskRabbit.

When developing an app like TaskRabbit, you need to care equally for customers and service providers. An on-demand app like taskbar probably accounts for the $30,000 price tag. However, the range varies approximately from USD 25,000 to USD 40,000. Now, let’s split down into segments a standard on-demand application and its cost:


Service providers need to know who their customer is, just like the client does. Therefore, an app like TaskRabbit should also allow access to the profiles of the task posters. Moreover, an app should enable taskers to update their information. Some features that profile must include:

  • Email Registration
  • Registration with Social Media
  • Provider’s Profile
  • Notifications
  • Friend Requests

The approximate cost of scheming and developing a settings page in on-demand applications is rough $2,000/


The marketplace plays a vital role in an on-demand app like TaskRabbit. A user should see a list of different services on the opening screen to easily choose their services. Also, when a user clicks on any category, he should go on a detailed category page. On the exact page, he should get broader service options.
Also, you need to know that the marketplace is where providers spend most of their time. Some features that marketplace must include:

  • List of consumer gigs
  • Customer Details
  • Job Card Details
  • Live Notifications and Updates

The approximate cost of designing and developing a Marketplace Page in on-demand services and applications is almost $13,000/-

Orders (Active & History)

Providers should be able to see and track the specifics of their orders. It will be better for an on-demand app to have a tracking feature. The feature will help the end-users know how far a tasker is from the particular destination. Also, they will see where the user has reached at that specific time. It will be helpful for the users in knowing when to make necessary preparations. Features that on-demand App must include for orders are as below:

  • Active Pending Order Details
  • Previous Order Details

The average rate of creating an Order Management Page in on-demand mobile applications is approximately $12,000/-

In-App Chat System

It is beneficial when you can send and receive messages from the App. Hence, an on-demand service app should include a chatting system. Therefore, it will provide a way to send and receive notifications besides calling functionality. Although, you must know that the chatbox will need some tweaks and customization as per the requirements. Features that on-demand App must include for the chatbox are as below:

  • Chatbox with Images
  • Group Chats

The average price for including and designing a Chat Box is around $1,500/-


It is always essential to have some security settings. There is no way you will get away with the old boring stuff like passwords, service terms, manuals, etc. Also, you need to know that the settings portion of the App is inevitable but necessary.

The Typical Cost of making and designing a settings page in applications is roughly $1,500/- Also, it is essential to be aware that the price of the Provider-Side App is relatively lower than the customer-side App.

What Are The Features That Are Stirring The Cost To Create Apps Like TaskRabbit?

An app like TaskRabbit must include features for the admin. Features such as reports & analytics, admin dashboard, user management, service provider management, changes of fees & prices, etc., are a must. There should be features that end-users can easily use to book the required services and access other functions. Below are some of the major functionalities that affect the cost of making services App like Taskrabbit:


Booking is a unique feature that must be accessible to service providers and users. For end-users, booking features must instantly facilitate a booking or schedule any service later. Also, it should allow customers to reschedule a service.

On the other hand, service providers should spot their booking as they receive it. Also, there should be an option to accept or decline the booking.

Booking History

The booking history feature helps the end-users check their earlier service bookings. It should also give the details on payments, service providers, etc. Moreover, it will help users find a service provider that they have already taken service from previously.

Push Notifications

Push notifications play a vital role in every mobile application to ensure user engagement. These notifications are mainly helpful for service providers to catch booking status. Also, it may help to win back the clients who aren’t interacting with the App for some time.

In-App Payment

End-users don’t need to make payments for the services they receive from their homes. An in-app amount will make it more convenient and easy for task posters and taskers. Also, when an app provides an option to pay online, it securely provides another reason for user engagement.

How Does An On-Demand App Like Taskrabbit Works?

Working on apps like TaskRabbit is simple and easy. Also, Tasker can approve or decline the offer by its convenience and availability. When the Tasker takes the request, it completes the job and gets the payment via the App.

Growth in custom web development and BinaryMetrix Technologies made it easy for customers and clients to obtain desired services within a few clicks. Here is a step-by-step instruction that an on-demand app like TaskRabbit usually requires to hire taskers:

And Select Task Category

When you first open an app like TaskRabbit on your smartphone, you need to sign in to the App if you don’t have already signed in. If you are using the on-demand App for the first time, you need to go through the signup process. The home screen will appear on the net with several categories when you successfully sign in.
The user needs to click the desired task category option. If the required category is not present on the home screen, he must tap the search bar to look for the selected task category.

Upload A Task With A Description Of It

When you open the App to find taskers, your first step should be to post your requirements and the task description. Also, you need to mention the date and time for the work. Moreover, you have to describe the task size, address, and other details.

When you finish filling in all these details, you must post the requirement. The on-demand App will choose the professionals who can do your task.

Get A Professional

Once a customer posts the requirements on the App, the App will match it with the required professionals. However, in TaskRabbit, users need to tap on “See Taskers and Prices” to see the vital information. The information also includes the list of professionals from nearby locations and prices.

Users should also find more details like reviews, hourly rates, and more by single tapping. Ensuring that the Tasker is an ideal match for the required task is vital.

Select And Have A Chat With Tasker

When a user successfully selects the desired Tasker, he needs to tap on the “Confirm and chat with tasker” option, especially in the TaskRabbit app. The user will directly connect to the desired Tasker via chatbox. He will talk to the Tasker and discuss the work, such as timing.

On-demand apps like TaskRabbit should let their customers choose a tasker based on ratings, reviews, price, and other factors. They need to get a perfect fit for the work.

Also, a tasker should be able to cancel or accept a job. It is a crucial option for taskers, depending on the Tasker’s availability and convenience. When the Tasker completes the job, the customer should process the payment from inside the App.

How Does An App Or Website Like TaskRabbit Make Profit?

At this point, you get that it is a mediating platform that helps task posters and taskers to complete different jobs. However, the App or website needs to profit to keep it alive and working. Almost every on-demand App like TaskRabbit can benefit from the two primary sources below.

Service Charge

Apps like TaskRabbit get their commission from the deals that get confirmed on the platform. It is the primary and most common way to earn profits. For example, TaskRabbit takes approximately a 15% service fee. It also includes the hourly rate set by a Tasker. In simpler words, when a tasker finishes their job, TaskRabbit takes 15% of the

Peak Pricing

Peak pricing is another primary way of earning revenues from on-demand apps. You can increase the cost of services that you find are in higher demand. This profit method works perfectly and is more beneficial during festival periods.

What Are The Tips To Develop Apps Similar To TaskRabbit?

An on-demand app like TaskRabbit is a one-stop solution for different tasks. People with enough money can quickly complete their jobs with the help of professionals. Apps like TaskRabbit come in pretty handy for people who are too busy in their lives.

The App works like a magic wand for these people to obtain desired services at their fingertips. Here are some tips that you need to know if you want to create an app similar to TaskRabbit:

  • You need to set your goal: To start the development, get complete clarity on the ultimate purposes and help the audience. Also, it will help you if you are clear to make it stand out from others.
  • Break the goals into particular segments: Secondly, you must subdivide the categories. It will help you be precise in completing them one at a time. Also, you need to have a coherent vision of your target audience and the revenue model.
  • Establish the App’s backend: It is crucial to determine the App’s functionality. Also, you must test all of the features to reduce technical issues in the future.
  • Get a prototype made: You need to create the prototype to engage with your potential customers. Also, it will help you to attract possible investors.
  • Verify your Model: Checking the model is one of the critical steps. It would be best to cross-check things before launching the App to avoid various difficulties in the future.
  • Frequently update the App: You must keep updating your App with the modern and latest demands. It is also crucial if you want to stay competitive in the market.

The cost of creating on-demand Apps like Taskrabbit relies on many factors. These factors also include app development systems like iOS App Development or Android App Development and cross-platform systems like React Native App Development.

The cost of developing apps like TaskRabbit would likely vary from $15,000 to $30,000, which also depends on the OS. Moreover, these apps are scalable, and you may need to add up the cost for adding extra modules and features.

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