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Who Is Shopify Perfect For?

Fri Apr 14, BinaryMetrix

Shopify is one of the highly preferred websites for eCommerce businesses and the reasons are obvious. However, most of us often wonder if is Shopify good for our requirements. Would it be a good idea to hire a Shopify website development company? This brief is to answer your queries and let you know who is Shopify ideal for. 

Shopify is a quality website for eCommerce businesses that sell products or services which calls for slight configuration. Whether you are planning to sell single products or handfuls of products on Shopify, you can do it pretty easily and seamlessly. Both industries that trade in physical or digital goods can use Shopify. For businesses selling merchandise with slight materials, or sizes Shopify is an excellent option (consider that the built-in variation of Shopify sustenance maxes out at 100 distinctions). Long story short, no matter if you are planning to deal with and trade a handful of products or an array of them, Shopify is a great solution that provides enough tools and themes. 


Top Perks of Shopify 

Before you consider hiring a Custom Shopify Website Agency and get your Shopify store designed, let’s dig more about the perks and benefits of Shopify.

Shopify is one of the most versatile platforms helping businesses with highly distinct themes and trading terms. Both the newbie brands and highly experienced sellers alike can avail the benefits of Shopify. 


Simple Set-Up Process

If you don’t prefer switching to technical terms and want to get your brand online easily, Shopify is one of the best platforms for you. Setting up a Shopify store is highly convenient, and easy and does not require technical skills. 


Quality Customer Service

Another perk of Shopify is its quality customer support. You will find experts available to assist you round the clock, making the work easy and seamless. 


Mobile Friendly 

No doubt, your customers would prefer mobile to order products instead of laptops and with mobile shoppers on the rise, your website must be mobile-friendly. Shopify is intended with mobile responsiveness in mind. All you need to do is tell your Ecommerce Development Company that you need a Shopify e-com app and you’ll get the expected mobile-friendly platform. Also, you can effortlessly handle your entire Shopify store from their iOS or Android application.


Great Marketing and SEO Tools

With Shopify, users get access to many marketing tools consider social media, email marketing, and product reviews. You can always consider Shopify’s built-in tools to design offer coupons to attract and engage your customers. Other than that, powerful SEO features help you lift your website rank. 


Security & Trustworthiness 

Shopify bids SSL certification and PCI to encode all data. With Shopify, users get assurance that all of their confidential personal and financial information is highly protected and safe. 


Shopify is flexible

Last but not least, being flexible is another in the list of qualities of Shopify. Shopify has a lot of built-in tools that make it easy to adapt to your business. With Shopify, users get options to showcase sale products, offer coupons, and modify coupons, making it easy to engage customers. 

Hope it helps. 


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